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Jinhua ShanZhi Industrial Co., Ltd. is a set of leading R & D and design, control of production and technology, at the same time attention in domestic and international market and has a strong marketing network and channel to adapt to changing market and guide the industry trend of the products of OEM enterprise.


The early stage of the good intellectual industry is the production of thousands of institutions, for many years the output value of up to 200 million, so the production of the product has a strong control and management experience, in the trade companies in the exclusive advantage.


As early as 2000, the company began to pay attention to the "product customization", and has invested a lot of manpower, material resources and funds to follow up, grasp the new technology, now has a number of patents 60.


At present, the company mainly engaged in household appliances and supplies, and began to the major products of the "hard software technology compatibility" of the attempt to transform for the product implanted mobile Internet and related technologies. Good wisdom in the combination of years of experience in the international market under the premise of the overall layout of the domestic market, to build and develop online and offline marketing mode, to seize market opportunities!

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